Why Russia

For many people, Russia is a mystery. It’s one of the world’s largest unknowns, covering almost one eighth of the world and spanning 11 time zones. So it’s unsurprising that a continent so vast has so much to offer travellers of all kinds. Rich history, cultural intrigue and natural wonders combine to make Russia a must-visit destination for anyone who seeks something truly unique.

The Destinations

Although the onion-topped buildings and twisted-spire churches of Moscow and St. Petersburg are iconic, Russia has so much more to explore. There are frescoes by Dionisius, a 45,000-year- old mammoth and a city built on frozen ground. Whichever cruise you embark on, you’ll be amazed by everything you uncover.

The Rivers and Lakes

The network of spectacular rivers and lakes are an attraction in themselves. Ice-blue waterfalls cascade over mountainous outcrops at Putorana Plateau; tiny islands float in the midst of the expansive Lake Ladoga; and Kazachinsky Rapids break the water’s surface with bubbling whirlpools and foaming waves.

The Experiences

As a continent with so much to offer, every experience is completely unforgettable. From an authentic tea ceremony on board to a day spent exploring old churches, every moment will be sure to blow you away. Because the true magic of Russia is that it’s unlike anywhere else...

Who are Vodohod

For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping inquisitive travellers discover the many wonders of Russia, on our fleet of 26 river cruise ships. 2020 is a particularly exciting time for us as we’ll be launching the first-ever river cruise along the Yenisei river. This unique expedition will go deep into the region’s untouched wilderness, offering an experience far removed from the bustle of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

On board our ships, old-world tradition meets modern Russia, with everything from folk performances to vodka tasting to keep you entertained. Exquisite regional dishes are prepared by our expert chefs and the evening meal is the perfect prelude to a night in one of the onboard bars. Or you can return to your cabin for some rest and relaxation.

Above all, we believe in the power of travel. It can ignite old interests, spark new curiosities and create new friendships which will last a lifetime.

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