How to become a Pirate cruising onboard Vodohod ships


Every guest onboard our Vodohod ships can feel like a real pirate! During a cruise the Pirate’s Day is held onboard when the entire crew dresses up in sailor shirts, the restaurant and the reception are decorated with pirate’s emblems and besides, all the guests can take a part in the pirate’s game “Seeking for treasure” which arranged in the format of a quest during which clients attend several places and the fastest team of them finds real Russian treasure. The boarding guides of the “Lev Tolstoy” ship dressed up in filibuster style represent dangerous but funny pirates ready to give a Yo-Ho-Ho party with another bottle of rum. Below you can see the photo-report of the latest Pirate’s Day on the 28th of July onboard m/s “L. Tolstoy”, when the ship was invaded by Vodohod pirates.

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