Sharing experiences of Vodohod and Alsace Croisieres


December is considered to be a part of the winter pre-navigation period, but this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t go for a special training cruise. It was effected for several representatives of Vodohod upon the itinerary Strasbourg – Breisach – Colmar – Wine route of Alsace – Black Forest – Strasbourg on the motorship “Gerard Schmitter” of the Alsace Croisieres fleet.

The cruise was effected since the 30th of November until the 3rd of December with the visits to Christmas fairs in Colmar and Freiburg, workshop of cuckoo clock in Black Forest and the glass blowing shop in Wolfach.

But the most top-priority aim was to study the service provided on the European cruises. Our colleagues properly examined the cabins’ and restaurants’ service having in mind how it could be implemented on the Vodohod ships in future as well as the review of the onboard entertainments was made. Besides that a special attention was paid to the decorative and interior design of the boat. It is known that that the touristic business is one of the crucial spheres of the experience economy and thus it is necessary to create the positive impression on each guest by the flawless operation of all the services onboard.

But what is more important is that our colleagues have got a unique chance to become a traveler on one of the European cruises and feel what it is like to be a guest on a river cruise in a foreign country. This practice is quite wide-spread among different international companies due to the effective result created by the effect of a “guest” when a travel specialists experience river boat service and can conclude what can be borrowed and what is better to avoid in future.

We also would like to thank cordially our loyal and trustworthy partner Alsace Croisieres for this opportunity for our colleagues could gain some more experience in tourist service and have a wonderful time in Europe!

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