WTM London 2016 with the participating of VODOHOD


Dear Friends and Partners!

We are pleased to draw your attention that VODOHOD has participated in the annual exhibition World Travel Market in London from the “07th” until the “09th” of November 2016.

Traditionally the WTM is connected with the numerous meetings and negotiations among the most successful travel companies and agencies in the world. This year wasn’t an exception. There were plenty of people crowded near the VODOHOD stand all the time. Due to the fruitful discussions and talks with various partners we have got a number of new requests and at the moment we absolutely sure that season 2017 will be in strong demand among the travelers all over the world. Summing up we can ascertain that in 2017 are guests will come from absolutely different parts of the world – Italy, China, Canada, Mexica, the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey and many others. We are also happy to conclude that the new boost of interest to travel in Russia is obvious and the main proof of it – new requests and bookings for VODOHOD cruises without number.

We would like to thank all the participants of WTM 2016 including our new visitors and long-standing partners for effective discussions and we wish you a successful season! See you next year at WTM 2017 for the further cooperation!

Faithfully yours,
Vodohod Team

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