Rishat Bagautdinov Great honor for us is to accept foreign guests in Russia, showing them our rapidly changing country, which combines enchantment of past and perspectives of future. And we try to comply with this mission, doing our best to let you get the most of your trip to our country. We would like to have you completely satisfied, opening for you kind and generous soul or Russia.

Any traveler considering a cruise trip to Russia should choose from a huge number of different ships, belonging to different companies, the majority of which look much the same on the surface. The difference is in on-board management and the quality of service. We at VODOHOD consider the quality of our product as an utmost priority.

We are glad to say that for many of those who traveled with us, the name of our company has become the synonym of quality and efficiency. It is associated with exciting and educational shore excursions, friendly and attentive service, interesting entertaining activities and excellent dining facilities. We are convinced that all these components make a happy combination to make your cruise experience truly unforgettable.

We welcome every opportunity to form new successful partnerships and therefore invite you to cooperate with us. We value our customers, and we invite new ones to join us on board our ships to see what it is like – to cruise in VODOHOD style!

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