If you have chosen to cruise with Vodohod, you couldn't have made a better choice! Enjoy a holiday of activity, discovery and relaxation! The moment you step on board a per­fectly arranged ship, where everything is ready for your comfort and conve­nience, you will undoubtedly appre­ciate our highest commitment to the interests of our guests.
Every morning on board is the beginning of another blissful day!

Vodohod cruise offers you a great number of daily activities and night entertainment:

• Live folk shows, performed by professional folk singers and musicians

• Classical music concerts

• Nightly live music

• Try your hand at learning the Russian language or singing melodious Russian songs

• Attempt to learn Russian traditional pas at a dance class where you will not just learn folk dances but get a chance to take a light exercise after a substantial meal

• Attend exciting lectures on the history and the contemporary life of Russia and perhaps disclose the secret of the mysterious Russian soul

• Start a new day with a morning “Keep Fit” class on the sun deck. Stretch your muscles admiring the unspoiled beauty and peacefulness of Russian landscapes. Feast for eyes, feast for body!

• Hunt for souvenirs! Pick the best presents for the beloved in the onboard rush free souvenir shop and our art consultants will assist you in choosing the right souvenir from the great variety displayed in the show cases.

No matter where and how you decide to spend time on board our cruise ships, you will be plunged into an atmosphere of a hearty welcome and friendly attention, created by our always-ready-to-help staff! Experienced onboard guides and knowledgeable local guides will make the cruise unforgettable for tourists of any nationality, while the catering service will let the guests relax and give themselves up to new impressions and rest.

Our experience and reputation are a guarantee that this cruise will be pleasant and leave good memories of your visit to Russia and - who knows? - it may make you want to come back again.

The Vodohod Cruise Company will provide you with exciting memories of your holiday in Russia, the land of sincere hospitality and innumerable cultural riches!

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