• Breakfast-buffet

    Waking up in the morning, the first thing we usually think of is breakfast.

  • Substantial Lunch

    From the earliest times Russian people attached a great importance to soups, no lunch could be served without one.

  • Exquisite Dinner

    Every dinner on board the ship will turn in an interesting entertaining activity!

Breakfast-buffet VODOHOD offers a full-cycle all-inclusive tour product which means that we control all the stages of a cruise. Many of you will agree that excellent catering is one of the most important aspects of perfect holidays, that’s why we pay specific attention to the meals served on board. Strict attention to details, unwavering customer service, trained professionals and fantastic food makes VODOHOD the best in its sphere.

Perfect combination of European and Russian cuisine will allow you not only to give it a try to new tastes of Russia, but also enjoy the well-known European dishes. Choice menu system will give you a chance to select your dish out of three equally delicious alternatives. Complicated salads, appetizing soups, classy main courses and scrumptious desserts will satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated gourmets!

Get ready for an innovative and creative food journey that is centered around providing exquisite food for exquisite cruise!

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