• Folk concerts Folk concerts

    Professional folk groups perform for you their best concerts!

  • Nesting dolls painting class Nesting dolls painting class

    Nesting doll (or matrioshka) is a wooden doll with smaller dolls within.

  • Pancakes making class Pancakes making class

    Thin layered blini with melted butter… a true Royal Russian delicatessen!

  • Pirate dinner Pirate dinner

    They say that “where there is a sea there are pirates”.

  • Russian dance class Russian dance class

    Traditional Russian dances will give you a chance to feel yourself a real Russian.

  • Russian Tea Ceremony Russian Tea Ceremony

    Tea was brought to Russia in the 15th century by Afanasiy Nikitin, the famous Russian explorer of India.

  • Safety on Board Safety on Board

    VODOHOD considers the Safety matter very seriously and indeed pays specific attention to the safety briefings onboard.

  • Sing-along class Sing-along class

    Everybody has heard (at least once in their lives) famous Russian songs “Katusha” or “Kalinka”.

  • Vodka degustation Vodka degustation

    You will be able to get answers to these and many more questions by taking part in VODKA SHOW!

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