Nesting dolls painting class

Nesting dolls painting class

Nesting doll (or matrioshka) is a wooden doll with smaller dolls within. In old Russia among peasants the name Matriona or Matriosha was a very popular female name. Scholars say this name has a Latin root "mater" and means "Mother". This name was associated with the image of mother of a big peasant family who was very healthy and had a portly figure. Soon it became a symbolic name and was used for the brightly painted wooden figurines made in such a way that they when taken apart could reveal smaller dolls fitting inside one another.

There are several centers of handicrafts in Russia famous for the style of matioshka painting. For example, Semoinovo matrioshkas are known by the flowered aprons, those of Polkovsky Maidan are in contrasted colours, for Sergiev Posad school the particular attention attracts the "face" of the doll.

During the class you'll be given a wooden blank (unpainted nesting doll) - and you can choose the style to colour your unique matrioshka. You can depict in a particular mannor of Russian artists or think of your own drawing. All finished dolls are then exhibited so that everybody can admire them, and your fellow-travellers choose the best one, whose creator will be awarded by a prize from the souvenir shop.

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