Pancakes making class

Pancakes making class

Thin layered blini with melted butter… a true Royal Russian delicatessen! Best eaten with sour cream, jams and honey… or caviar!

Pancakes (or blini) are one of the oldest dishes of the Russian cousine, known before the IXth century. Firstly, in the pagan times blinis were sacrificial bread. In the course of the time blinis have become the main dish during the holidays of seeing-off the winter - that is why blinis are round as they repeat the shape of the Sun which is welcomed to come out with the spring after the long cold winter.

Cooking blini requires great skill - to put exact quantity of batter in the pan, to turn a pancake over in the pan at the right time so that not to crumple the thin layer of the pancake. There is even old Russian saying - "The first pancake is always a lump" - meaning that you need time and patience to achieve something.

Reveal the secrets of Russian cookery at Pancakes making lesson conducted by our restaurant directors!

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