Russian dance class

Russian dance class

Traditional Russian dances will give you a chance to feel yourself a real Russian. Everybody is kindly welcomed to the stage to join the master-class. Several dances are learnt step by step, taking slow pace to allow everyone perfect their skills.

Traditional Russian dances were created in old times for people from different villages so that they could get acquainted and show off in front of each other. For example, the famous "Troika" dance - here a man is accompanied by two women! In the course of the dance the women change their gentlemen, thus all the participants have a chance to be introduced.

Some dances are still in place at current life - like the Round Dance (or "Khorovod") which can be executed at a Birthday party. All the dancers gather round the person who celebrates, holding hands, and perform the dance with the song.

You'll love the animated atmosphere in the class!

Not only will you learn something new about yourself, but also you will possibly look at your companions from a different angle.

Did you know you were such a perfect dancer?

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