Sing-along class

Sing-along class

Everybody has heard (at least once in their lives) famous Russian songs “Katusha” or “Kalinka”. Have you ever dreamed of learning to sing them? It is easy now! At our onboard Sing-along classes you will discover your hidden artistic talents and just will have a good time.

"Katusha" was first performed in 1938, and during the Great Partiotic War (WWII in Russia) won people's hearts, uniting them and giving strength. Later, it was translated into different languages, got continuations and alternations with the same recognizable tune remained.

Not many people know that "Kalinka" is not a folkloric song, but was composed by Larionov for performance on stage in 1860. Later the composer gave it into Slavic choir repertoire after which it gained wide popularity; and currently the name "Kalinka-malinka" is associated with everything Russian.

Led by a team of professional musicians, you may form your own choir - and choose to perform at the end of the cruise during the Talent's show!

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