Vodka degustation

Vodka degustation

  • How many kinds of vodka are there in Russia? Five, seven, a hundred?
  • Where does the name “vodka” come from?
  • Why does Russian vodka contain 40 % of alcohol?
  • Who has invented vodka?
  • What does “Na zdorovie” stand for?

You will be able to get answers to these and many more questions by taking part in VODKA SHOW! Apart from enriching you knowledge of vodka production you will get a chance to try 5 (!) kinds of vodka and enjoy the Russian cuisine such as pancakes with salmon and pike caviar, butter and herring, pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh and sour cabbage and greens. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Moreover, you will certainly be carried away by the Russian folk dances and songs that will be performed for you all the show long. Be ready to join in!

It could so happen that Vodka Tasting Party will let you gain a deeper insight into the Russian culture.

Welcome to the “Vodka Show”! No doubt you will have a great time!

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