Kuskovo Estate

The Kuskovo Estate is a perfect example of an 18th century Muscovite country residence. Tsar Peter the Great awarded the village of Kuskovo to Boris Sheremetev. The Sheremetyevs were one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Russia and the estate was used by several generations of the family.

The estate comprises the central palace and a number of smaller buildings and architectural follies dotted throughout an extensive landscape park, which includes formal French gardens, ponds, lakes and Russian and Italian sculptures. These buildings were designed and built by both French and Russian architects and took over 40 years to complete.

The centerpiece of the estate, the wedding cake-like main Palace, was constructed entirely of wood. Visitors enter the palace through its ornate Grecian Vestibule, decorated with fake antique urns and lashings of marble, and proceed through an impressive enfilade of 18th century interiors.

Behind the palace in the charming garden stands the yellow, white and green Grotto. The building features a prominent dome and wrought iron gates and boasts an interior decorated with shells, stones, textured stucco and porcelain.

Nearby visitors will find the delightful Italian Cottage. Beyond the estate’s Aviary and open air Green Theater stands the Orangery, which houses a magnificent Ceramics Museum.

During the summer the estate’s main palace hosts occasional classical music concerts and festivities, organized by the US and French Embassies, to celebrate Independence Day on June 4th and Bastille Day on July 14th. The celebrations usually involve music, fashion shows, period costumes, games and air displays and tickets can be bought as you enter the estate gates.

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