Maxim Gorky 8 July (Wed) - 20 July (Mon) Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

Main deck
16 200.00

16 200.00

Middle deck
16 400.00

16 400.00

22 551.00

* Prices are in € per cabin


  • vodka (1 brand)
  • whiskey (1 brand)
  • cognac (1 brand)
  • liqueur (1 brand)
  • white wine (2 brands)
  • red wine (2 brands)
  • sparkling wine (1 brand)
  • draught beer (2 brands)
  • alcoholic cocktails (to choose from the list)
  • mocktails (to choose from the list)
  • fizzy drinks
  • juice in assortment
  • soda/still water
  • tea (to choose from the list)
  • coffee (espresso, cappuccino, americano)
  • ice cream (by scoop)
  • vodka (1 brand)
  • whiskey (1 brand)
  • cognac (1 brand)
  • liqueur (1 brand)
  • white wine (1 brand)
  • red wine (1 brand)
  • sparkling wine (1 brand)
  • draught beer (1 brand)
  • mocktails (to choose from the list)
  • fizzy drinks
  • juice in assortment
  • soda/still water
  • tea (to choose from the list)
  • coffee (espresso, cappuccino, americano)
  • ice cream (by scoop)
  • mocktails (to choose from the list)
  • fizzy drinks
  • juice in assortment
  • soda/still water
  • tea (to choose from the list)
  • coffee (espresso, cappuccino, americano)
  • ice cream (by scoop)

    - Price are quoted in euro per day;
    - Drinks are served in portions only in bars and restaurants;


    Day Stop PROGRAM

    Arrival at Norilsk Airport

    Transfer airport - ship

    Check-in on board
    Welcome cocktail (sparkling wine, caviar)

    • Dinner on board

    Program in Dudinka

    Ethnocultural complex under the open sky “Taimyr Mow”, lunch at the ethnocomplex - Taimyr land. Acquaintance with everyday life, ethnic cuisine, traditions, culture and customs of ethnic groups inhabiting Taimyr.

    Visiting Taimyr Museum pf local history

    Folk art exhibition (paintings).


    PLATO PUTORANA (by helicopters with 1 landing) duration around 4 – 4,5 hours (WEATHER PERMITTING)

    “Putorana” in the Evenki language means "lakes with steep banks." The area of ​​the Putorana Plateau is comparable with the area of ​​Great Britain and reaches 2.5 million hectares. This is the second largest basalt plateau in the world, after the Indian plateau Deccan. The Putorana Nature Reserve is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.

    • You will be brought by helicopter to watch a unique phenomenon. You will visit the unreachable places where no one has been before.







    Music performance (concert) by local ethnic ensemble


    Fishermen village (Fishing Artel)

    See 1000 deer, a real chum (shelter similar to yurt) and a big bonfire. That’s an exclusive sight you may only see once in your life! Enjoy warm interactive meeting on the shore, cuisine of indigenous nations and get incredible memories for life. Be sure to take a picture in the chum and with a deer. Feel the life of nomads.

    • Visiting fishermen houses
    • Visiting “chum” – reindeer herder’s house
    • Tasting local delicacies


    4 IGARKA

    Arrival to Igarka

    • Bus tour to the Museum of Permafrost, where visitors, down the small stairs, find themselves in the eternal ice zone. The museum is located in permafrost soil at a depth of 7-10 m, here you can see a unique phenomenon about 50,000 years old - "Ice Mountain"

    The arrival of the ship

    Breakfast on board the ship

    Disembarkation (landing stage or "Zodiac")

    • Visiting the Museum Building 503 dedicated to the Gulag  

    After a kilometer hike through the real Siberian forest, you’ll see the remains of the northernmost railway. The grand construction which claimed the lives of more than 300,000 people, also called as the “Dead Road”. The whole history of the Stalinist repressions silently froze in fragments of the rut.

    • Organization of fishing (optionally)

    Departure of the ship










    The central village of the largest region of the Krasnoyarsk Area. The living conditions here are severe: frosts reach –60 ° С, and in summer the air temperature rises to + 35 °. There are no railways in the region, only air communication, river and motor transportation. Nevertheless the beauty and natural reaches of this place are legendary. For example, the coat of arms of Turukhansk depicts silver arctic fox - a rare fur animal, living in this region.

    Walking tour with a visit to:

    • the Museum of Regional Studies of Turukhansk region

    • Memorial House-Museum of Y. Sverdlov.

    In the evening on board the ship - a demonstration of the film "Happy People"





















    Disembarkation ashore by small boats "Zodiac"

    You arrived on the legendary land, the first Russian settlement founded by Mangazeya Cossacks in 1607 on the right bank of the Yenisei River at the confluence of the Verkhny Imbak River. Here you will visit the ethnic park, which presents the whole unity and diversity of Siberia: the Putorana Plateau and Taimyr, the Turukhansky district and Evenkia. You will see a Ket camp with household attributes, a lively spring with healing water, a museum of Cossacks and Pomors, listen to the performance of an ethnic ensemble, have a chance to try national cuisine in a local café and so much more.

    • Visit to the ethnic complex
    • Tea party
    • Mini-exhibition of paintings by designers



    Disembarkation ashore by small boats "Zodiac"

    Have a heartwarming meeting with the people playing the major roles in the film «Happy People». You can ask your favorite characters any questions. Plus you will have the opportunity to sail on real tarred wooden Siberian boats, taste delicious fish soup on the shore, and try your hand at traditional fishing, as well as picking northern berries in the forest.

    Program ashore:

    • Tour along the river in wooden boats (with Anatoly and Alexey)

    • Fish soup ashore

    • Picking berries in the forest




    Visit bright Siberian fair with songs, dances, raw fish stroganina and souvenirs. Try national treats and real homemade delicacies, play a shaman tambourine, surprise your loved ones with unique souvenirs from the Russian taiga.

    • Welcome ceremony (music from local residents)

    • Local souvenirs


    NICKULINO village


    Nickulino village – disembarkation ashore by small boats "Zodiac"


    A village that you will not find on Google Maps, people who are not on Facebook, a place photos of which do not exist on the Internet*. Get ready to get back in time. The Old Believers live in the village of Nikulino - people who have honored traditions and their religious way of life for centuries. Old believers are effectively closed from the outside world: there are no TVs, computers, the Internet and mobile phones in their homes. It took incredible efforts to persuade local residents to show you at least fragments of their archaic life and unique culture, they will even show you how to extract cedar oil from cones in the old fashioned way.

    * Please respect the local culture: any photo and video shooting in the village is prohibited.


    Program in Nickulino –

    • Acquaintance with the culture and life of the Old Believers (you will learn how to make pine nut oil)
    • Food and souvenirs fair ashore by locals





    Merchant houses, monasteries, narrow streets and the spirit of an ancient city with four hundred years of history, which has retained its original appearance to this day *. There are many magnificent museums in Yeniseisk, for example, the local “Planer Museum” is listed in the Guinness Book of Records! You will learn what kind of object it is and how to use it while viewing the largest collection of planers in the world.

    * The historical part of the city of Yeniseisk is included in the preliminary list of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

    city tour:

    • Yenisei Regional Museum. A.I. Kytmanova "(one of the oldest museums in Siberia)

    • Museum-Estate “Photo-izba” (a unique collection of antiquities is presented, reflecting the life of Yenisei people: furniture, utensils, keys, locks, school supplies)

    • Wood Plane Museum (a unique collection of carpentry tools, the exhibition is listed in the Guinness Book of Records (it has more than 1,500 copies)

    • Stagecoach driver habitation (exposition, the possibility of organizing tours in a horse-drawn carriage)




    In the real Russian huts you will get acquainted with the everyday life of the Cossacks. You will be welcomed in the best traditions of Siberian hospitality, treated with local liquors and tea from a samovar with crusty pies. They will tell you about the features of their way of life and hold a master class on birch bark. You will hear old Cossack songs that have sounded over the Yenisei for centuries.

    • Folklore-interactive program "Siberian Cossacks"
    • Fair of birch bark souvenirs
    • Visits to the houses of local residents, tasting liqueurs, pickles, tea, honey, homemade cakes.
    • Participation in master classes (work with birch bark, basket weaving, embroidery, etc.)















    A city of incredible blends: the central part with ancient merchant houses, the largest factories and plants, wildlife and world-class ski resorts - all this harmoniously adjoins each other and emphasizes the special, unique character of Krasnoyarsk. Enjoy stunning north bridges, a huge number of fountains and stroll along one of the longest streets in the world.

    Bus tour with a visit to:

    • Observation Deck with the Tsar Fish Monument;

    • Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station with a ship elevator;

    • Bobrovy Log Fan Park with an ascent by cable car to the top, viewpoint, eco-trail about 2 km

    Departure for the excursion program

    • Observation Deck with the monument "Tsar-Fish"

    • Krasnoyarsk dam

    • Bobrovy Log Fan Park with an ascent by cable car to the top, viewpoint, eco-trail about 2 km (alternative for active tourism is a walking route in the Stolby reserve)

    One of the seven wonders of Russia is the Stolby Nature Reserve*.

    In fact, these are rocks of volcanic origin, and they were nicknamed “pillars” because of their shape. They are narrow, tall (60 to 600 meters), extremely ancient (450 to 600 million years old) and are scattered over the area of more than 450 square kilometers. Each rock has its own name.

    * The unique reserve claims to be included in the list of territories under the protection of UNESCO and is the most visited reserve in Russia (more than 750,000 visitors in 2018).


    Gala dinner at the local restaurant "Master of Taiga" with national food and concert program







    Breakfast on board

    Visit to the factory of precious metals “Krastsvetmet” – OPTIONAL


    Transfer to the airport, departure

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