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Set sail for adventure along the Yenisei, the 5th longest river in the world. Fr om vast rugged landscapes to magical midnight sun, the Yenisei river is where mother nature shines her brightest. The main towns and cities along the river are centred around cultural, natural and historical heritage.


Siberia’ third largest city is teeming with ancient merchant houses, large factories and stunning wildlife. Fr om here you can explore the Stolby Nature Sanctuary, Russia’s most visited national park with its dramatic volcanic rock pillars and impressive sweeping forests.

Plateau Putorana

Words can't do justice to the majestic sweeping landscapes of Plateau Putorana. The area was given UNESCO World Heritage status to preserve the magnificent forest tundra and arctic desert systems, as well as the untouched lakes, rivers and isolated mountain range. This is a sight that has to be seen to be believed.


Experience the striking phenomenon of polar days, wh ere the sun never sets. In Igarka, the magical midnight sun lasts for up to two months in summer. Located beyond the Arctic Circle, this amazing city is built on permafrost, and is home to the only Permafrost Museum in Russia – which is over 50,000 years old.


Despite being established in 1667, Dudinka was not formally recognised as a town until 1951. The still-evolving metropolis offers a contrast to the unspoiled marvels of Arctic Russia. Meet the indigenous people, who maintain a traditional lifestyle and preserve their ancient crafts and folklore.


The setting for Werner Herzog’s documentary Happy People, the village of Bakhta can only be reached by helicopter or boat. Meet the stars of the documentary and learn more about their fascinating way of life – built on self-reliance, utter freedom and the total absence of government, taxes, police and rules.


Immerse yourself in the life of a Cossack. Visit their traditional wooden homes, wh ere you’ll be welcomed by Siberian hospitality and delicacies including crusty pies and local liquors, plus the chance to learn local songs that have been sung for centuries.


Construction of the Dead Road claimed the lives of more than 300,000 Gulag prisoners tasked with delivering Stalin's dream of a 806-mile-long rail line to run between the Siberian cities Igarka and Salekhard. Upon Stalin's death the project was abandoned. After a short hike through the Siberian forest, we’ll take you to see these unfinished tracks.

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Taste of Siberia
Taste of Siberia
Vodohod Luxury 5 Star
Maxim Gorky Vodohod Luxury 5 Star
calendar 28 May 2021 - 07 June 2021
time 11 days
Krasnoyarsk -> Krasnoyarsk
tag From €4,263 p.p.
Taste of Siberia
Taste of Siberia
Vodohod Luxury 5 Star
Maxim Gorky Vodohod Luxury 5 Star
calendar 25 September 2021 - 05 October 2021
time 11 days
Krasnoyarsk -> Krasnoyarsk
Full board Full board English speaking staff English speaking staff Massage cabinet Massage cabinet Coffee point Coffee point SPA area SPA area All cabins are equiped with fridges All cabins are equiped with fridges Complementary Wi-Fi Complementary Wi-Fi TV in cabins TV in cabins
tag From €4,263 p.p.

For many, despite covering almost one eighth of the world Russia remains a mystery, one of the world’s unknowns. It’s rich in history, cultural intrigue and natural wonders combine to make Russia a must-visit destination for anyone seeking something truly unique.

The experiences

Russia has so much to offer. From an authentic tea ceremony to a day spent exploring old churches, every moment is designed to blow you away. Because the true magic of Russia is that it’s unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before.

The rivers

The network of spectacular rivers and lakes are an attraction in themselves. Ice-blue waterfalls cascade over mountainous outcrops at Plutorana Plateau; tiny islands float in the midst of the expansive Lake ladoga; and Moscow’s canals offer a unique viewpoint for the city’s sights.

We organise cruises from Moscow, St Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan

Ports of call

The onion-topped buildings and twisted-spire churches of Moscow and St Petersburg are iconic, Russia has so much more to explore. There are frescoes by Dionisius, a 45,000 year old mammoth and a city built on frozen ground. Whichever cruise you embark on, you’ll be amazed by everything you uncover about this continent.

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